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10 tips to attract visitors to your exhibition booth

2 mrt 2017
Posted by: The Inside

When you’re exhibiting at a trade fair, you want the relevant visitors to actually visit your booth instead of just walking by. How do you make sure they will?

Attract attention with your booth

The first thing people see at the exhibition is a crowded exhibition space. Your booth must attract their attention by being original in design. And of course it must be of great quality.  It’s also important that your booth is designed to support your goal. If you’re launching a product, that product must be the center of the attention in your booth. And of course your booth must clearly tell who you are. 
Another factor is the place of your booth. Try to get a corner space because you will attract a lot more attention if your booth is not ‘hidden’ behind or between other booths. 

Attract visitors to your booth

Secondly, you must make sure your booth is not only being seen, but also worth visiting. And here’s where the 10 tips are coming in! To drive additional traffic to your booth you should:
1. Talk to your visitors and not to your colleagues.
2. Make sure your exhibition crew is well prepared and looks neat and recognizable.
3. Avoid calling, eating or sitting behind your laptop during the exhibition.
4. Always be friendly, enthusiastic and interested.
5. Be inviting and help visitors to overcome their initial hesitation.
6. Create a quiet spot in your booth where you can talk to your visitors.
7. Also walk in the aisles instead of staying in your booth.
8. Make sure there is something to do or to see in your booth that makes visitors stop and watch.
9. Stay awake, alert and friendly, also at the end of a long exhibition day.
10. Last but not least: hand out useful and nice gadgets so visitors take your company name home. 

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