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The Inside's 12 - our 12 key points

23 mrt 2017


Just enjoy your coffee - we will take care of everything! 
We have all the disciplines under one roof to manage the process and production of your booth. With our all-inclusive concept we make sure that you experience a stress-free process. From start to finish. For example, we can take the complete project management out of your hands. The project manager we assign to your project will be your only contact person during the process, so both you and he/she will know everything about it at all times. He/she is in contact with all departments: design, signing, workshop, transportation, building crews etc. And will also take care of all the communication with the exhibition venue for you. We will design [if necessary] and produce your booth, arrange the signing, transport the booth to the venue and build your booth on site with our own building crew. We can also provide technical service during the exhibition and will dismantle the booth after the exhibition. If you want to, we can store your booth in our warehouse so you can re-use it. In short: from design to realization, The Inside will arrange it all for you. So just sit back and relax!



21 years of experience. That's what we bring to the table.
21 years in which we grew from a one-man business to a company with 65 skilled workers and a large number of professional freelancers and suppliers. In 2016 we built more than 400 booths in 61 cities in 18 countries all over the world. Because we have all these years of experience in working and building worldwide [80% of our turnover is realized outside the Netherlands], we are familiar with all the terms and conditions of all main exhibition venues worldwide.    



No matter where your project has to be built - we can.
All the booths for exhibitions in Europe are transported with our own trucks, trailers and buses. When building outside of Europe, we manage all the overseas transportation of your materials and send one of our teams over. So your booth will always be build by our own construction team or with a local partner under our supervision.  

Furthermore, we possess over 14.000 m2 warehouse. There we can store your booth parts and materials. We also have a large collection of rental materials. Because of this storage and rental service, you can re-use your booth [materials]. That’s not only cost efficient, but also environmentally friendly.



Always a good connection.
We believe in direct communication and 24/7 direct service. Because we carry out your complete project management, you will only have one contact person during the entire case. This will keep the processclear for you and enables direct communication between us. This contact person - our project manager - is in direct contact with all our internal departments. In fact, he/she sits only two desks away form our desktop publisher. And only needs to walk down the stairs to consult with our carpenter in our workspace. As a result we established short internal lines of communication and remain flexible all through the process. 



You deserve the best.
One of the reasons that we continuously pleasantly surprise our clients and have a lot of returning customers is that we offer extremely good quality by controlling the entire process from beginning to end. We are a custom builder, which means we are able to construct booths in all sorts of shapes, dimensions and colours. All perfectly executed and accompanied by excellent service from our project manager. We continuously keep working on our quality throughout our company. Not only to maintain this high quality, but also to improve it where possible. After all - to stand still is to regress.

We are a full member of the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association [EDPA] and the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services [IFES]. At the end of last year we also gained a full membership of the Event Supplier and Services Association [ESSA].



We think stand building is a craft.
All of our booths are produced in our own workshop at our premises in Deventer, The Netherlands. This workspace is equipped with a sanding area, a spray paint compartment and CNC driven machinery. But more importantly, here are working 15 true craftsmen who each have their own specialty and are passionate about their work. Our carpenters by example fabricate all your booth materials by hand. Together they represent more than 600 years of experience. Because we mainly work with wood, these artisans are able to construct all sorts of shapes, dimensions and colours. So they can build you every booth you want.



All our building blocks will build your booth.
We offer an all-inclusive concept. The reason we can make that work is that we have all the space and facilities we need to realize your booth at our premises in Deventer - The Netherlands. We have an office with board, account management, project management, planning, graphics, technical drawers, finance and marketing. But we also have our own design department. And a large workshop equipped with machinery and a paint department. In our warehouse of 14.000m2 we store our rental stand materials and your stand parts. All the booths for exhibitions in Europe are transported with our own trucks, trailers and buses. And your booth will always be build by our own construction crew. Our team of 65 craftsmen and skilled workers are always at your service!



Try to shed a new creative light every day.
The centre of gravity of our creativity lies at our design department. Our designers can translate your ideas and demands into a creative and high-quality design that will pleasantly surprise you. But it’s not only our designers who are artistic. The craftsmen in our workshop are so creative that they can produce elements in almost every form or shape. And our project managers are always resourceful in solving any unforeseen problem for you! No airport strike or power failure will stop us from building your booth!



Stand building without borders.
We realize about 80% of our turnover outside the Netherlands. Most of these projects are built in Europe, where our teams travel with our own transportation. In 2016, we built more than 400 booths in 49 different cities in 11 European countries. Outside of Europe we produced several booths in another 12 cities in 7 countries. From Frankfurt to Goa, India and from Barcelona to Washington: we came – we saw – we built! Because of our experience in working and building around the world, we are familiar with the terms and conditions of all main exhibition venues. That makes us the excellent partner for all your [inter]national projects!



Experienced and enthusiastic with a hands-on mentality.
Our project managers are the backbone of our company. They are in contact with all our departments in the process of building your booth: design – graphics – workshop – transportation – construction crews etc. This way we arrange the complete project management. The project manager that is assigned to your project will be your only contact person during this process. This keeps the communication lines short and he/she will be on top of your project at all times until your booth is handed over to you. Just to make sure every detail is executed in the right way.



We go the extra mile.
Our flexibility distinguishes us from our competition. Over the years we have grown from a small to a medium-sized company. But we maintained a simple structure to limit the amount of hand-overs during a project. This structure, combined with our short internal lines of communication, enables us to stay flexible in every step of the process. Therefor we can come up with suitable solutions for any unforeseen problem. Whatever the challenge, we will accept it!


12. FUN

More than just work.
All the members of our team are working really hard. But we always make sure we have fun too. Producing and building a booth shouldn’t be just work. It’s teamwork. And when you’re working in a great team, you have fun at what you do and you keep loving what you do. But for you as a client it should also be fun working with The Inside. Therefor we will always make time for a chat and drink some coffee/tea or a glass of wine together.

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