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What's the price of an exhibition booth?

10 mei 2017

That looks like a simple question. But the answer is much more complicated. To determine the price of an exhibition booth, there are a lot of factors you have to take into consideration. We will discuss the most important factors in this blog.

Bigger booth = lower m2 price

The basic math to calculate the price of an exhibition booth is quite simple. The bigger your booth is, the lower the price per m2 will be. For example: transport should be paid for by a 20 m2 booth as well as for a 50 m2 booth. You don’t pay twice as much for the transport when your booth is twice as big. Therefor you will see the price on our example price page per m2 go down when the booth is getting bigger [and the circumstances of the booth stay the same].


But there are a lot of other factors that influences the price of your exhibition booth. The first factor is the exhibition location. Logically it will always be more expensive to construct a booth in Barcelona than to construct the same booth in Utrecht. That’s because there will be additional costs for travelling, hotel nights, transport and/or flights when we’re building a booth abroad.

A second factor is the decoration and furnishing of your booth. If you want a lot of logo’s or graphics in your booth, the price of your booth will go up.

The same goes for the furnishing. If you want a lot of presentation furniture, tables, chairs, bars and bar stools or even a complete kitchen in your booth you have to pay for this items.

There’s also a variety in costs within the furniture you choose. Do you want to use our rental materials and if so, do you want the basic version or the luxury version? Or do you want us to make custom furniture for your booth?

Example price page

At our example price page you can see some examples of booths we build and the matching prices. We show you examples of a 25 m2 booth, a 50 m2 booth, a 75 m2 booth, a 100 m2 booth and a 200 m2 booth. Please be aware that the prices are all excluding VAT and additional charges of the exhibition ground, such as power connections and suspension points. Furthermore these prices are based on the use of rental materials from our warehouse. If you prefer a booth with custom materials, the price per m2 will differ.   

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