Meet the Insiders: Marlot, projectmanager

Gepubliceerd op: 24-05-2024
In June 2023, Marlot made the move from the vibrant hospitality industry to the dynamic world of stand construction. Since then, she has learned a lot and had some wonderful experiences. In this article, you will learn more about her role as a project manager and what makes working at The Inside so rewarding. Read all about her journey here!

Meet The Insiders: Christiaan, Expedition Team Leader

Gepubliceerd op: 06-02-2024
Meet Christiaan, Insider through and through. He has been with us since he was 12 and has The Inside, so he has experienced and seen the company grow almost from the start. In this article you can read more about Christiaan and his career at The Inside.

Meet The Insiders: Jeffrey and Elzemiek, Workshop staff

Gepubliceerd op: 30-10-2023
Meet Jeffrey & Elzemiek, our ‘Inside couple’! Jeffrey started as a workshop employee at The Inside in 2013 and shortly afterwards Elzemiek also arrived. What they didn’t know then was that this would be the start of something beautiful. Read the whole story.

Meet The Insiders: Leen, Workshop staff

Gepubliceerd op: 28-9-2023
Meet Leen, Insider in heart and soul. He has been in our workshop for almost 25 years and has seen The Inside grow into the company it is today. In this article you can read more about Leen, his work and what he thinks makes it so fun.

Meet The Insiders: Ramona, Sales Assistant

Gepubliceerd op: 21-8-2023
Curious about the Insiders? Read more here, this time with our always cheerful sales assistant Ramona

A cup of coffee with…. Hans Grimme

Curious about the ‘Insiders’? Then read along in our ‘a cup of coffee with…’ series. This time with our concept creator Hans Grimme.