Meet The Insiders: Jeffrey and Elzemiek, Workshop staff

Jeffrey started working at The Inside as a workshop team member in 2013, and Elzemiek walked in shortly after. Back then, they didn’t know that this would mark the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Today, they’re one ‘Inside-baby’ (and one dog) richer and still love working together as a team at The Inside. Want to find out more about Elzemiek and Jeffrey’s story and their work at The Inside? Read all about their journey here.

How it all began

Jeffrey: ‘I ended up at The Inside after completing my studies as a furniture maker. I had been working here for a while when Elzemiek joined us for a traineeship. We hit it off straight away.’

He continues: ‘I still remember the first time we worked together. I was working on a construction drawing, and Elzemiek insisted that the drawing was wrong. I disagreed. As it turned out, she was right. It’s been an inside joke for us ever since. We’ve been very open about our relationship, and our co-workers were very positive about it from the start. Nothing much changed as far as they were concerned, so they were fine with it.’

Elzemiek explains how she ended up working at The Inside. ‘I had just completed my studies in administration, but I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as a profession. Then I came across a furniture-making course during a school open day; I was instantly sold on the idea. Few women followed this course of study back then; I was the only woman in the class. But, I felt right at home, and it turned out to be the perfect match. I was offered a traineeship at The Inside through one of my teachers, and the rest is history!’

‘That was six years ago, and we’ve been married for five years. Our child is one year old, and we also have a dog. A real “Inside family”, in other words!’

Working with your partner

Elzemiek: ‘I really enjoy working together. I sometimes wonder how other people experience this because it comes naturally. And, if I need to discuss something about life at home or work, we’re just ten steps away from each other.’

Jeffrey: ‘But we do feel it’s important to keep our work and private lives separate. At work, we’re just co-workers. The only difference is that we go home together at the end of the day.’ Elzemiek smiles as she says: ‘Some of our other colleagues sound more like a married couple than we do!’

Jeffrey, how would you describe Elzemiek as a co-worker?

‘Helpful, friendly, and just a bit stubborn. Actually, no, leave off the ‘bit’. She’s just plain stubborn. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. She holds her own and keeps us on our toes with new ideas and different perspectives.

And Elzemiek, how would you describe Jeffrey as a co-worker?

‘He’s a real stickler for detail’. Jeffrey adds: ‘So are you!’ Elzemiek starts to laugh: ‘He’s also very friendly and always ready to help others. He’s very meticulous and can shut himself off from the outside world. That’s when he puts on some music and focuses entirely on his work. I wish I could do that!’

What makes working at the Inside so great?

‘The team,’ they both reply in unison. Jeffrey: ‘That’s what makes this work great. Working at The Inside feels like being a part of one big family. That also makes the company parties so much fun. We recently had an ‘Ibiza’-themed barbecue. Everything was perfectly organised down to the tiniest detail, and everyone had a wonderful time. It’s always fun to get together with the entire team.’

Elzemiek: ‘In terms of work, I really enjoy the variety; each stand is different and brings new challenges. This also keeps the work fun: every project feels like a challenging puzzle. That’s something I really love.’

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