Meet The Insiders: Ramona, Sales Assistant

August 2022 marked the start of Ramona’s career as a Sales Assistant at The Inside. She has been a part of The Inside team for over a year and still enjoys her job immensely. And it shows in her enthusiasm and the huge smile she brings into the office every day. In this article, you’ll learn more about her work as a Sales Assistant and what makes working at The Inside so much fun.

What does the sales assistant job entail?

‘To be honest, I always have a hard time answering this question because there are so many facets to this job. I do have several main tasks. These include drawing up quotations and calculations and order confirmations. I pass these on to our back office so they know what they need to invoice. I also attend sales meetings and process any changes or action points from those meetings. Last but not least, I set up the project folders and ensure they include the correct documentation, such as the designs, floor plans and technical specifications. I forward these folders to the project managers.

In addition to these basic tasks, I take care of all sorts of other things, like organising fun giveaways for clients, designing flyers, and making travel arrangements for colleagues. And I help Martijn, our Sales Director, with tasks he doesn’t have time to do himself. It’s a very versatile job and that’s what makes my job so much fun. I really can say that no two days are ever the same.’

What makes working at the Inside so great?

Ramona replies enthusiastically: ‘My colleagues, the work, but most of all, the team spirit you sense throughout the business. Everything, really. And that team spirit, that’s always there, but it really hits home during our company events, which are organised twice a year. For instance, we have a fabulous Christmas party each year, and in the summer, we get together for a barbecue. These are always unforgettable evenings, the company goes all out, and they’re the topic of conversation long after the party has ended. We also often go for walks on our lunch break with a group of co-workers.

The sales department is a tight-knit team. There are eight of us, and you notice that everyone enjoys working together and being a part of the team. Whenever a new colleague joins the team, we go out for dinner so we can get to know them better – and they can get to know us. Talking to colleagues in a different setting is fun because you discover things about people you would never have learned otherwise. And going out for dinner is never a bad thing! ;-)”

Which project has been the most memorable so far?

‘Our involvement at Euroshop in Düsseldorf. This trade fair only occurs once every three years, and I organised practically everything for this event with Martijn from the beginning. I had to ensure everything was booked and arranged for the fair. We went there with ten colleagues, and it was a fantastic experience. In addition to the fact that it was a lot of fun with the team, it was also fascinating to meet other people who work in our industry and to speak to customers. These included people with whom I’d conducted a lot of email correspondence but never met in person. So now I have a face to go with the email.’

Are you proud to work at the Inside?

‘Yes, definitely. I feel immense pride when I come into the office and see our own ‘The Inside’ lorries parked outside and everyone hard at work. You get a sense that The Inside is really one team working together towards one goal. Not to mention all the incredible projects we get to work on.’

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