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This year we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary! From a ‘bedroom office’ then to a company with over 65 employees and more than 500 annual projects now.

During this year, we will take a few trips down memory lane and will post them on this page.


In the past 20 years The Inside has grown significantly. And because of that we had to move a couple of times. This video captures the different premises: from the first home office to our current premises of 14.000 m2!


In the last 20 years The Inside grew from a bedroom office to a company with more than 65 employees. We asked a few of them, who are already working here for many years, about their experiences at The Inside and how they've seen The Inside grown and professionalised:

Three questions for... Dirk Bolderman. General Manager and working at The Inside since 2009

Three questions for... Leen Amersfoort. Stand builder and working at The Inside since 1998

Three questions for... Hans de Jong. Account Manager and working at The Inside since 2007



The first stand that Michael Hermans [in 1996] built was for Samsung. At that time, he had never heard of stand building, so the design that he made was revolutionary and by all means no usual stand building design. It resulted in a very large assignment: we had to build a stand of 400m2. It took our small team almost two weeks to construct this stand on site. It was quite a challenge but it had a great result: it turned out to be the base of The Inside stand building!

The stand contained 180 baniers, hand painted [by Michaels father] pillars, large doors and a lot of [product] decoration