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Our company structure

Over the years we have grown from a small to a medium-sized organisation, and despite our growth we have been able to stay flexible. In the meantime our company has been structured in such a way that we can control and manage the entire process.

Within the company we maintain a simple company structure to limit the amount of hand-overs during the project until the delivery of the product(s).



These are our procedures:

After you have contacted us our Account Manager will ask for your brief which is your chance to tell us exactly what you want to achieve at your exhibition. The Designer will work very closely with the Account Manager and will translate your requirements into a suitable and functional design, while taking all your ideas and your budget into account. Now if we have listened to you well enough during this process and translated your wishes into a good design, we're sure we'll add you to our clientele!

Our Account Manager is part of a project team. As soon as the order has been placed the project will be handed over to the Project Manager. Both Managers work closely together. The team's Project Manager will have an in-depth get together with you to discuss all the details of the stand. We believe that if it's a team of people who's in charge of your stand design & construction no details can be overlooked. 


All under one roof

Because we do everything under one roof, from workshop to spray work, from warehouse to shipping and from our own transport means to fieldwork, we are in control of the entire process.

All our departments have a Team Leader who reports back to the Technical Manager weekly. In their meetings the assessments of  the completed projects will be discussed and if necessary plans for improvements will be made.

By constantly reviewing the work we do we are able to quickly identify points for improvement which can be put straight into practise.

We are in perpetual motion, constantly trying to improve our processes because we believe that an organisation should keep on growing.