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The Inside & the environment

Sustainability is important to The Inside, both in production processes and in operational management. Our profession requires a lot of temporary construction which means we use a lot of material. Consequently, huge amounts of wood and sheet material are used by the whole sector. As a reputable stand construction company, we want to ensure as much sustainability as possible throughout our company.

In our 6000m2 storage room, clients can store their stand so it can be used more than once. And because of our rental concept and large stock of rental materials, we also reuse the materials of the stands. That's not only cost efficient, but also environmentally friendly.


We continually ask ourselves how we can improve our industrial processes in the interest of people and the environment. In 2008, The Inside built new premises in Deventer and sustainability was included in the design process. Environmental protection and sustainability are integrated into our production processes. And our investments must fit in with our company philosophy and objectives.

Here (PDF) you can read more how we do our bit to help the environment.