Project plan

The objective(s), target audience(s) will allow you to further develop your plan into the following four elements.

Design; have your stand or event designed, include your goals and target audience in the design to determine what you need on your stand to achieve your goals.

Crew; determine which people fit your booth or event crew, organise meetings to create ‘awareness’ and involve them in the process.

Campaign; think about the ‘look and feel’ of the stand or event, choose a look that suits your company. Draw up a communication plan and invite your (potential) clients.

Follow up; prepare yourself for the actions after the fair or event, how will you follow up further on the leads and conversations. This also ensures that your objectives become measurable (SMART)

Exhibition plan

The chosen goals will be translated into an exhibition plan. Such a plan contains four main elements:

Exhibition stand – get your stand designed and built and determine your stand goals.

Stand crew – choose the right people and train them.

Campaign – determine the theme and appearance of your stand, make a communication plan and invite your business connections.

Follow up – prepare the follow up after the exhibition so your sales department and stand crew know your expectations.