Meet The Insiders: Christiaan, Expedition Team Leader

Did you know that Christiaan was already walking around The Inside with his father when he was 12? A real ‘Insider’! A few years later he got into the truck himself at The Inside. In the meantime, he has even grown to become Expedition Team Leader. Curious about the whole story? Read on quick.

How it all began

Christiaan starts to say enthusiastically: “My father was good friends with Michael, the owner. He was a self-employed truck driver and The Inside did not yet have its own truck at that time. That’s why my father regularly drove Michael to trade fair locations. I was twelve at the time and a real truck fanatic, so I was sometimes allowed to ride with him to deliver the stands. So I went with him to Italy and Spain. Those were very nice times.

As a result, I have experienced The Inside almost from the start and seen it grow. That is very special.”

From truck driver to expedition team leader

“My dream was to become a truck driver like my father. As soon as I could, I made this dream come true at, yes, The Inside. I have done this for twelve years with great pleasure. I have to admit that I have been away for a short time in between. But I also came back quickly. The grass wasn’t greener on the other side after all. 😉

During corona, the events industry came to a standstill and trade fairs were cancelled. At that time I went to work elsewhere as a truck driver on a loan basis. During this time I realized that the life of a truck driver no longer really suited me. After working as a truck driver for twelve years, I was ready for something new.

When corona was ‘over’ again, Michael asked me to come back to The Inside. I wanted this, but no longer in the field. There was a lot of understanding for this and a solution was sought. This is how my current position of expedition team leader came about two years ago.”

Can you tell more about your function of expedition team leader?

“I am ultimately responsible for every car that enters and leaves the warehouse. This means that I ensure that the right cars leave with the right items and that they are unloaded when they return.

It’s great fun to experience everything from the other side. And because I have experience as a truck driver, I know exactly what happens at the exhibition locations. With this knowledge I can set up the buses as efficiently as possible, so that they can get started straight away on location. This is often a lot of puzzling, but luckily I like that!”

Working at the inside means in three words...

“Collaboration, variety and fun!” Well, we couldn’t end it better, Christiaan!

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