Meet the Insiders: Marlot, projectmanager

In June 2023, Marlot made the move from the vibrant hospitality industry to the dynamic world of stand construction. Since then, she has learned a lot and had some wonderful experiences. In this article, you will learn more about her role as a project manager and what makes working at The Inside so rewarding. Read all about her journey here!

From hospitality to stand construction

Marlot is immediately enthusiastic when she tells us how she came to end up at The Inside: “Before The Inside, I worked many years as a manager in the hospitality sector in Amsterdam. I moved to Deventer some time ago and was looking for a job closer to home. I soon came across this position, and the job instantly appealed to me. I saw similarities to my previous job, especially regarding project management, and I realised that this wasn’t a nine-to-five office job. I applied for the position, and before I knew it, I was standing outside the building, ready for my first day on the job!

Thankfully, I was able to transfer many of my hospitality skills to my role as a project manager. In the hospitality sector, you learn to deal with stress, be flexible and think in terms of solutions, skills that are also very useful in my work here.”

What does the project manager role entail?

“The project manager role is incredibly versatile. What it comes down to is that I arrange everything around project execution. I engage different people at The Inside to ensure the stand is ready to be built and delivered on-site. I am also available during the trade fair in case something comes up. After the fair, I ensure that the stands are taken down and that the parts are delivered to the right location afterwards.”

You're never on your own

Marlot continues: “I work closely with colleagues during the weeks leading up to the trade fair. I constantly switch between the various departments and ensure we deliver a high-quality stand together. And I know I can always count on my colleagues. I’m not very technical, for instance, so if I’m unsure about a technical aspect of the project, I reach out to the workshop, and they help me. They’re much better at that sort of thing than I am.

And that’s one of the best things about my role: teamwork. Because even though you might be the only project manager assigned to the job, you’re never on your own. And thankfully, I have a great team of colleagues, which makes my job a lot easier! ;-)”

What experience has stuck with you the most?

Marlot doesn’t need to think long about that question. She says: “We recently had to deliver a large project in Amsterdam. I spent a week there with several colleagues to set up the stands. It was hard and heavy work, but we had a great time together. We went out for dinner once, and after a long working day, we would meet for drinks at the hotel. That was a lot of fun.

Moreover, I find that large projects are always memorable. It’s a fantastic experience to see the final stands proudly displayed at the trade fair!”

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